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Battle to Fight

Discover your Heart, restore your masculinity

Battle to Fight is a boot-camp which applies some of the values of the Army, to build character and give men the military feeling. Teach them to become fit, fearless, fighters for Christ!

The biggest battle for every man is the battle for his own heart. Lose your heart and you lose your life! (Proverbs 4:23) Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life. Restore your heart and life unto God! The bigger the battle, the greater the victory! On this camp we want to activate a new desire in you. A warrior spirit revived, active and alive. Teach you to “FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!!”1 Tim 1:18

No more lone rangers, it is time to find a band of brothers in Christ that supports and directs you. Show integrity and love, to confront your father-wound and forgive your earthly father, so that God can connect with you as the real Father. Be cleansed and break with your sexual immorality, so that you can start living a pure and righteous life in Christ.

You can expect God to show up and:

  • Restore your Authority as a warrior not a worrier!
  • Cut the agreements with darkness and start living in the LIGHT!
  • Be baptised when you accept CHRIST as your SAVIOUR.
  • Connect you with true brothers in Christ.
  • Heal your Father heart & connect with the real FATHER.
  • Help you to become sexually pure, a holy vessel for the Holy Spirit to work through.

Discover your heart, restore your masculinity

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