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Vision and Mission

Vision of Camp David
“Helping the Bride of Christ grow into the image of God.”

Mission of Camp David
a) Restore your masculine heart so that you will get authority over sin and start walking like a son of YAHWEH.
b) Cut the agreements with darkness by confessing and forgiving. Fight the good fight and stand up for what is right, the truth in Christ. (2 Tim 1:18) Break down the man-made walls around your heart and rebuild your temple with the Sword. (Nehemiah 4:15-18)
c) Activate a band of Godly brothers. (Joel 3:9) Teach them to walk as brothers with integrity, accountability and honesty to restore God’s order in men.
d) Heal the father wound so that you know your real identity as a son of YAHWEH. (John 1:12)
Get sexual pure, because what God want is a holy vessel to let the Holy Spirit work through. He wants a holy and pure temple.

Discover your heart, restore your masculinity

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