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Why Camp David

David was a man just like you and me, with a lot of fears and failure. He was faced with many challenges that we still face today. He made a lot of mistakes, but was quick to repent and turn back to God.

Providentially God doesn’t judge a man’s face, height or outward appearance, but He looks at a man’s heart, thoughts & intentions! David was a man after God’s heart, because his heart was right and always focussed on God!

David was one of the greatest warriors & also one of the greatest worshippers. Worship and warfare goes hand in hand , every fearless warrior must be a true worshipper!
Throughout the weekend we will refer to David and what man he was, he was a warrior, knew how to confess and forgive as soon as possible, live in unity with his brothers and is the example of brotherhood between him and Johnathan. David knew how to take men with no future, the outcast of society and awaken a warrior spirit to become fearless mighty men! Men who know how to follow their commander, listen to his commands and take out the enemy! He knew his real Heavenly Father, and is the example of what the conciquences are if you not living sexually pure.

Discover your heart, restore your masculinity

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